Watch: The DeLaval Rotary E100 has been launched Ireland (see it in action in New Zealand)

Delaval E100 rotary parlour
Delaval E100 rotary parlour

The DeLaval Rotary E100 has been launched in the UK and Ireland.

The new DeLaval E100 rotary is focused around the four customer challenges: Animal welfare, milk quality, farm profitability and work efficiency.

According to Gary Edwards CMS Solutions manager, the DeLaval E100 Rotary has been designed around the customer’s and the animal’s needs. 

“It has been designed as a complete milking system focussing on cow flow, cow comfort, efficiency and comfort for the milker.

“Combined with DelPro herd management software it really offers the farmer complete control of his herd making it easier for him to make management decisions.

“ When working in conjunction with the unique DeLaval teat spray robot (TSR), it is incredibly labour efficient when labour is becoming increasingly challenging for dairy farmers.”

Key features:

  • DeLaval Cockpit – Puts the operator in control of the whole milking process and allows for a one man operation rotary.
  • DeLaval Fastlane – Designed to increase cow throughput on the exit and entry of the parlour, increasing efficiency.
  • DeLaval Comfort Bail – Unique low profile bail provides a calmer milking and increases cow throughput.
  • DeLaval Topflow – Provides a gentle milking cluster giving stable and lower vacuum during milking. 

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