Presidential hopeful Sharkey praises Trump… and calls for Famine parks in every county

Kevin Sharkey pictured at a special meeting of Carlow County Council yesterday. Picture: Dylan Vaughan
Kevin Sharkey pictured at a special meeting of Carlow County Council yesterday. Picture: Dylan Vaughan

Presidential hopeful Kevin Sharkey has praised the work of Donald Trump, saying he hasn’t killed as many people as previous occupants of the White House.

Amid audible gasps from councillors in Carlow, the artist praised the US president for giving up his wife Melania and golf to do the job.

Mr Sharkey also called for Famine-themed parks to attract tourists.

He compared Mr Trump with actor John Wayne, who was famed for roles in western movies because he “swaggered in and was like ‘where are the broads at'”.

“Trump isn’t any more likeable or unlikeable than any of the other US presidents. We had Bush and his father. He hasn’t killed as many people as the rest of them, Mr Sharkey said.

“I don’t agree with everything he does by a long shot but he does try to get things done.

“And at his age to give up that beautiful wife and those games of golf to come in and put in a few hours, fair play to him is all I can say.”

The references to Mr Trump came in the context of Mr Sharkey’s pitch to be a president who will put Irish people ahead of all other nationalities.

The Donegal man also claimed that it is important to keep Ireland “predominately white”.

“I’ve spent my entire life being told what racism is and isn’t,” he said.

During a questions and answers session, Fianna Fáil councillor Arthur McDonald asked Mr Sharkey whether Ireland was ready for “a coloured president”.

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“We have an atheist President, a gay Taoiseach and we have brought in abortion. Is it time for a coloured president?” he asked.

Mr Sharkey said he didn’t believe his skin colour mattered, as he’s Irish.

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