11 awkward things you’ve probably done if you’re British

From queuing to mild tea addiction, here are the dead giveaways that you’re talking to a British person.

(johnkellerman/Getty Images)
(johnkellerman/Getty Images)

Whether its being passive-aggressive on the train, or getting a sunburn at the smallest hint of nice weather, there are plenty of markers of British culture.

Reddit user Rumplemoveskins asked people on the website for the dead giveaways that a person is British, from tea drinking to queuing.

Here are 11 little things that just scream: “I’m British”.

1. Awkward social cues.

2. A love of the annual two weeks of summer.

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3. Excessive apologising.

4. Yep.

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5. Chocolate prices always being on the rise.

6. Never using sun-cream.

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7. This greeting.

8. Enjoying the world’s best meal.

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9. Never being able to escape from these adverts.

10. If someone only leaves one kiss, it means bad news.

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11. Lastly, the peak of “lad culture”.

Press Association

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